5818 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144



Executive Director
Renée C. Cunningham, MSS
Director of Administration & Advocacy
Enjulee Thomas-Finnagan, MHS
Director of Grant Research & Development
Megan McCoy, MSS, MLSP
Director of Housing & Social Services
Stephanie Collins, MA
Director of Programs & Mission Engagement
Cleo L. Smalls
Center Services
Program Coordinator
Nicole Bradford
Member Services Coordinator
Orisha Barnes Pringle
Nutrition Coordinator
Zakeyyah Wright
Center Counselor
Karen White
Senior Environment Corps Coordinator
Fred Lewis (volunteer)
Social Services
Social Workers: In Home Support Program
Helaine DaCruz-Heggs
Gwendolyn Shipman
Charnay Hardman
Priscilla Greene
Social Worker/Intake: In Home Support
Somaly Kim
Social Services Administrative Assistant
Leah Lewis-Sturgis
Senior Housing Counselor
Bernadette Prater
Housing Counselor
Connor Eckelmeyer
Energy/Housing Intake Specialist
Adrianna Youngblood
Health Promotion/Research Coordinator
Fatima Jackson
Ombudsman Program
Ombudsman Staff 
Daniel Anderson
Erika Barber
Vinnette Love
Updated: July, 2018